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Friday, February 03, 2006


As you could see its 6 am in the morning and IM STILL AWAKE!! I cant sleep due to the stupid "upset stomach" condition i've been going through for 2 days from a Nescafe that was apparently made by the residual rainwater in the streets (which actually has the same colour as Nescafe) and then sold by a small "kushok" in Gardens St.. Anyways my insomniac night didn't turn out to be a total waste after all, cuz i was searching through the net for fun stuff when i came across one of my favourite games, Metal Gear Solid, and whats even better is that i got the blog of the guy who made the whole game called Hideo Kojima (Japanese name), and his blog is conveniently translated in english by a guy i dno wat his name is (didnt really matter), and its also available as an audio blog! Man Japanese ppl rule! I put his blog link on my side bar, its the japanese name..... the only one... believe me u wont miss it.... HIDEO KOJIMA OK?? ok and i think i should shut my mouth and try to sleep now....


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