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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Jerry Garcia

One of the most unique and wacky artists i've ever stumbled upon, Jerry Garcia is one of the greatest people that i've read about and heard about. His signature "middle finger-less" right hand even impressed me more, i've always had something for the hand impression on anything, (bodyglove is also a favourite), this man/artist was the lead guitarist and frontman of Grateful Dead, that was one of the most influential bands at that time and truly contributed to our current Rock/Metal music that we listen to these days. I sadly knew about the guy a couple of weeks ago, and in this time related so much to him, he's a painter, and a guitar player! Only thing i don't relate to is his heroin smoking hehe. It's a shame he passed away 12 years ago, this guy really gave alot to music and his art was also interesting and colors relate so much to me :D

Anyway here's a link to the artists page, enjoy :)


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