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Saturday, February 17, 2007

To all you so called "friends"

February the 15th, my birthday, the day I truthfully never expected anything from anyone because I've been let down once too many times by my fucked up ex, parents and family, and last but not least my "friends". This year was different though, i had a feeling that i may get something, not a gift, but that feeling of having your "friends" all around you, just talking having fun making pranks telling stories, in short it was supposed to be almost perfect. Now the reason why I'm quoting the word friends all the time, is because most of them let me down, and i wont start naming them, because I am gonna face them and they will read this blog because i am gonna give them the link and they'r gonna read it to the last word. All of you, who ditched me, and thought that if you didnt show up to my birthday or even tried a nice gesture, even if it was a smiley or a message, and thought you'll make it up to me some other day, for such silly reasons as a "happy BITCHING friendship day" or because of the "outgoing" crowd at another place or simply because you thought that it may not mean anything to me, well, it does, and it does alot, if you really thought that I wouldn't realize that you didnt show up and that you're ditching me, then you're wrong, very wrong and you have just shown yourself to be an unworthy person, not worth being called friend, or even being called human, you're some kind of scum made out of clay and posses the same organs and characteristics of humans, but you're not at all, you're defiled and stained by this lifes fucked up wierdness, and all its "woohoos" and "lets party" and "am I blonde enough?" and "Do you think if its a full moon i'd interest you in talking about it?!" SCREW YOU!! ALL OF YOU WHO EXPECT TO STOMP ALL OVER ME AND EXPECT A NICE GUY IN RETURN, YOU'RE GETTING NOTHING BUT THE NEW FUCKED UP VERSION OF ME!! If you think you've seen the worse of me, then you're very wrong! Yes February the 15th is my birthday, a day that created this new person, a person you might call a monster, but truly is the outcome of your own actions and is more human than you'll ever be!


  • At 4:23 AM, Blogger Moey said…

    Abed, I'm totally with you on this. you know what I'm going thru, Sorry for not making you something better on your day, I tried my best. Sorry for the lame gift you know that If I had more I'd have got you a nicer item.

    I went into the weirdest mood ever last night, you are special. and you don't need to hear that from me (I sound like ass-kissing but I'm not), in fact you're like a brother to me and you seriously do not know or can imagine how was it when we fought for a week. I was almost dying.

    Take care brother, and I'm always there for you.

  • At 11:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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