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Monday, February 05, 2007

Darbooka Boys!

Yesterday at almost 5pm, on Radio Monte Carlo, there was an interview with 2 of the most controversial and unorthodox upcoming artists, Azriel and Gabriel (Dark and light, Death and Life) the bands name is Boogie Balagan, made up of these two individuals, who lived in Palestine/Israel, or how they call it PalestIsrael, and currently live in Paris, France. These 2 have a new vision, for coexisting of religions, and yet their motivation comes from something most of us have enjoyed as children, the comic Asterix & Obelix, by the well known french illustrator Albert Uderzo and story writer René Goscinny . Azri/Gabri describe Palestine as Gaul in the spread of the Roman Empire, and how the Gauls represent civilians, and the Romans represent the opressing good for nothing governments of both Palestine and Israel.

Their Music in their words "When Psychadellic rock 'n roll meets cool middle eastren mediterranean vibes, it's the place where cultures are coming together to an unexpected rainbow..." (Azriel: ps9 - the Walloo book)
In my opinion, the rock, funny, talented and very creative, and i personally support them fully. Thank both Azri/Gabri for your kind words on the radio, and i heard the whole interview from the begining till its end, i wish them all the best of luck, and i'm lucky to have made friends of such status and caliber...
I really recommend buying their CD
Heres their website Boogie Website
And their Myspace profile Boogie Space
And to end it in their words:

Ride on, Ride on, with my guitara... Salam Salam, Abu Mustafa ;)


  • At 9:46 AM, Blogger Earth Child ® said…

    3 people wrote about coexistence, 3 different approaches =)
    you made me love the band, you lonely donkey 7mar, lol
    i want a copy !!
    see you today =)

  • At 10:14 AM, Blogger Moey said…

    Oh so you're back :)

  • At 5:11 PM, Blogger Nada said…

    that was the CD you were holding all the time???? i didn't get a chance to hear any of the songs 3abed!!! next time you comeover bring it with you fahem!! see ya around 3abziii ;D


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