Aqua Phoenix

"A being of fire, created in the rule of water"

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I spoke to her today, after a while of awkward and painful silence.. She seemed to be fine, seemed to be content and discretely glad to speak to me.. I really don't know where I'm going, earlier she asked me to fall out of love.. Impossible, isn't it? But she expects me to comply... I'm not saying that she's selfish and self-centered, but she's reached a point that she wants things to just disappear and is so very lost and confused. You can't really blame her, I mean, I just came out of nowhere, I got to know her well enough, couldn't keep my heart in its cold "senseless" cage, and fell in love with her.. I had to ruin it all by falling in love and admitting it to her.. I promised myself i would never do this to myself again, but guess what?! I rescrew myself over and over again... These past 4 months have been like hell, and they'r not getting any better at all..

More gloomy and depressing stories later..

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Reborn from the humid ashes..

I know not alot visit or even acknowledge the existence of my blog, but in the words of the great band "Queen" I am not here "for the fame, fortune and everything that goes"..
I have been in a state of.. how should i put this... "hibernation" i've been through so much, and have grown a thousand years inside, i started seeing a future, so hard to reach, yet i still carry on my journey.

I have met my only true love, and by only i do mean only, yet she falls for another who lives in Africa, who contacts her once every pink elephant migration, who claims he loves her, yet seems to not know the meaning of love. I'm usually not a judgemental type of person, but its because i know how much i love her, and know what i posses for her inside my heart mind and soul is as great as the whole universe itself, and could come second after Gods love to his creatures, thats how greatly i love her.

Whoever reads this, might say "oh this guy doesn't know crap about love and how it screws you over!" or "oh boy.. you're in for a huge surprise..".
Believe me, i do know about love, and how it could flip a perfectly sane person into a madman driven by his heartbreak.. I have been through six years of a twisted downward spiral of a relationship, gotten a taste of unfaithfullness, dishonesty, being a puppet and treated like an object, and if you're still wondering "is this a a guy or a girl?" nope.. i'm a man, a man who lost everything, yet found even more afterwards..

This is the first post of a never-ending story, i'll continue later on..