Aqua Phoenix

"A being of fire, created in the rule of water"

Monday, January 30, 2006

I've been tagged.. Damn it...

Five Facts about me:

1- I could smell rain and predict the weather sometimes by the sense of smell (well atleast I know y the big nose is on my face! I swear am not makin that up!)
2- I never tasted sushi in my life although each person I describe it to gets all watery in the mouth, but Id love to try it (hehe sorry ppl, u know who u are :P)
3- I could go 3 days straight without food and I wouldnt complain too (although after those 3 days Id give it quite a big comeback)
4- If I take a comic with me to the bathroom i cant get out unless i read it all ( i used to take books but i stopped that due to the demands of certain ppl :S)
5- I believe in super-natural powers and that once the human race wasn't all this weak and uninformed about the universe

Three things I like about others:

1- Good sense of humor and smiling REAL smiles
2- Twist of Dimensia (WOOHOOO!)
3- Honesty

Three things I hate about others:

1- Back-stabbers
2- Liars
3- Gossip freaks

I tag:
1- Moey
2- NippoNada
3- Black Iris

Friday, January 27, 2006


I cant believe this! Megadeth is going to dubai in the Desert Rock Festival! this is a mission i must accomplish! its a once in a lifetime oppurtunity! Theyr sadly disbanding soon and this maybe one of their last performances which i could see LIVE! Testament, 3 doors down, Saxon and Mannikind heres the weblink for anyone whos interested in the festival

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Of Boredom and fun... an idea to life!

Ok am now officially now bored, i swear i was so excited that i was making a blog but i just went blank as soon as i finished from working on it, so i decided to pull a fast one on my brains and start writing and not stop until am satisfied..... hehe and my evil plan is working >:D today was a moderate day in which i have accomplished nothing (as usual) but something different has struck me today, i have always been a lover of my country (jordan) and my motherland (palestine) and i have a band with my friends whom are great in what they do, so i have decided to suggest this "idea" to my bandmates, which is make songs for our country and each individual makes a song for his motherland,(by the way our band has a lebanese drummer, saudi guitarist and me a palestinian, our bassist and vocal are unknown at this time so if u could help us plz tell me!) i dno if this is a good idea, or actually i know it is a good idea but will i be successful?!? i guees we gotta try and see >:D by the way our band name is Euphoria, remeber it cuz ur gona see alot of our work :D
"hehe the plan worked my brain is officially an idiot now heheheh.... wait.. isnt that bad? :S "

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

out of the shower...

A New Begining...

This is my first blog ever, inspired by many, i thought id like to speak my mind too, hope ull enjoy Youthanasia, my little piece of mind on the net :D