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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Here in Jordan it amazes me how much people use many words such as "TAGE3!" or "MISH TABI3I!" but what am gona talk about has nothing to do with those words but with the word "JAD". It litterally means "seriously"and be used in any kind of sentence, for example you could say: "Ya zalameh jad mish 3aref shu bidi asawi", in english : "Man seriously i don't know what im gonna do" and it sometimes could be used twice or more (for no reason, just wasting breath, time and sounding "serious") like : "Jad jad ya3ni mish fahem hala2 jad shu 3am bti7ki jad?" and am not going to translate the rest in english, i think you're smart enough to point out the "jad"s in that sentence (if you are an airheaded girl, then would you go out with me? Im filthy rich and i've got a killer body and would go out with u and i'd marry u and make u live like a queen and i will not use you i promise, but i always forget my wallet and my cars at the garage getting fixed and my house is being rennovated.) And now to finish this useless crappy post i would like to show u the true power of the word "jad" and prove to you that it is an endless word where u can begin a sentence and never end it just by using that word and a few "fill-ins", and here it goes : "hala2 jad jad ya3ni jad jad jad bas jad jad, jad jad....... jad jad jad jad jad ino jad jad jad ini 3anjad jad jad jad jad jad, jad jad jad jad bas jad jad" i stopped cuz i could go on like this forever, and believe me i am this patient and yes i do have alot of time on my hands, and about the jad thing if you dont believe wat i said then try it with a friend! :D (sounds like a cheesy TV advert)

I have just made you lose 5 minutes of your beautiful/worthless (you choose) life so give yourself a pat on the back/slap on your face (you also choose, see am flexible, now.... where are the airheaded girls?)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Classics will always rule...

Cars have always been a main intrest for me and i always try o keep myself up to date with everything that has anything to do with them, and i saw something today that i thought was a dream but turned out to reality, the new Chevrolet Camaro, though it's a bit late in its revealing when compared with its 2 rivals, the Ford Mustang and the Dodge Charger, but it seems that the Camaro is gonna steal away the show. Its exterior is amazing and the interior is completly different and unique than any of the 2 rivals yet its so simple and attractive and u may think that the car is a complete copy of the new Mustang but believe it or not Chevy has been working on this car since 1999 and Ford heard of the rumor that a new car that was influenced by a classic is going to be released so they started working on the Mustang in 2002 and Dodge followed. Anyways am boring u guys, i know, but to car lovers this is a "must see".

Friday, February 03, 2006


As you could see its 6 am in the morning and IM STILL AWAKE!! I cant sleep due to the stupid "upset stomach" condition i've been going through for 2 days from a Nescafe that was apparently made by the residual rainwater in the streets (which actually has the same colour as Nescafe) and then sold by a small "kushok" in Gardens St.. Anyways my insomniac night didn't turn out to be a total waste after all, cuz i was searching through the net for fun stuff when i came across one of my favourite games, Metal Gear Solid, and whats even better is that i got the blog of the guy who made the whole game called Hideo Kojima (Japanese name), and his blog is conveniently translated in english by a guy i dno wat his name is (didnt really matter), and its also available as an audio blog! Man Japanese ppl rule! I put his blog link on my side bar, its the japanese name..... the only one... believe me u wont miss it.... HIDEO KOJIMA OK?? ok and i think i should shut my mouth and try to sleep now....